Who We Are

Washington Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Association (WAEMA) began in 1978. Our founders were integral in helping to establish the legal practice of Eastern Medicine in Washington State and the current WAEMA Board of Directors continue to promote and preserve our profession today.

WAEMA strives to provide a unified legislative voice for our profession and unify our community of practitioners both at the state level and national level. The all-volunteer Board of Directors is democratically elected and consists of elected professionals in our field. WAEMA Board of Directors meets monthly to continually advance the work of the association

Mission Statement

The Washington Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Association (WAEMA) is a professional association of licensed and student acupuncturists and Eastern medical practitioners, dedicated to the preservation, advancement and practice of all branches of Eastern Medicine into the modern healthcare system to uphold rigorous standards for public safety while offering integrated health to the public.


Vision Statement

  • To provide an informational and supportive network for practitioners of acupuncture medicine.
  • To promulgate and uphold the standards of acupuncture education, standards of practice, and professional ethics.
  • To promote equitable statutes and regulations relating to Eastern Medicine.
  • To offer support and guidance to students of Eastern Medicine, training programs, and research.
  • To provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge in the field of Eastern Medicine and related disciplines.
  • To educate the public and health care professions regarding the nature and scope of Eastern Medicine.
  • Such other activities of a charitable and scientific nature related to Eastern Medicine as may benefit the knowledge and well-being of the people.

Chaiya E. Sherman DAOM, LAc/EAMP, LMP Chinese medicine and the meridians captured Chaiya’s heart while in an undergraduate physics class at Shimer College (Chicago, IL) and formed the basis of her bachelor’s thesis, “It’s All About Balance”. She started her career in holistic medicine in 1995 as an assistant to a MD practitioner of Ayurveda and homeopathy. Chaiya has been a licensed massage therapist since 1998, after attending National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA and has also served as a doula since 2011. She graduated from Bastyr University in 2017 (MSAOM) and again in 2019 with her doctorate (DAOM). Her practice is primarily focused on treating pain conditions, the birth cycle, and psycho-emotional concerns. She is the owner/operator of AcuNerds, Inc and is practicing in multiple locations around Edmonds, WA.


Chaiya E. Sherman


Nick Spurlock, DAOM, is an herbalist, acupuncturist, and end-of-life doula who loves helping people achieve their wellness goals with natural, non-pharmacological health care options. His fascination and respect for life led him to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology and Molecular Cell Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He then went on to earn his MSAOM and DAOM to learn more about how to live in balance with nature. He teaches classes on public policy and communicating with terminally ill patients and has gained experience at multiple hospitals, such as Harborview, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, and Zhejiang Provincial Hospital in Hangzhou, China. His mobile practice fills a need for those who require or prefer to receive care in their own home. Nick is fascinated by herbal medicine and enjoys finding ways to incorporate herbs and TCM nutrition principles into kitchen creations.

Nick Spurlock


Dr. Elizabeth Dart DAOM, FABORM, AEMP practices in Issaquah, Washington. She attended Bastyr University for her Masters (2016) and Doctorate (2019) focused on addiction and Pain. In between her degrees, she studied at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese medicine focusing on gynecology. In 2023, she joined the WAEMA board and is acting as current Treasurer. She is also involved in fundraising committee and membership committee. She believes finances are a way to show our values. She is looking forward in growing finances and create more engagement for WAEMA members. In her free time, Elizabeth likes to hike, camp, backpack, cook, and cycle.


Elizabeth Dart


Kenneth Noble MSA, LAc has been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese herbs for 19 years. He received his Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Bastyr University, considered a top school for natural medicine. He received his undergraduate from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC in Biology and was certified in massage therapy from Pinewood School of Massage in Spartanburg, SC. Kenneth is a bold advocate for natural healthcare and also volunteers his time in the community as a Guest Speaker. He is continuously advancing his skills. In the office, and combines the best of Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has collaborated with other health professionals, such as Naturopaths, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Counselors, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and many others.


Kenneth Noble


Dr. Perry Cooper, DACM, AEMP, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Washington and Arizona. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and two Master of Science degrees in Acupuncture and then Oriental Medicine at the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. In addition, he received the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He worked for several years with Medical Doctors who specialized in Environmental Allergies before becoming an Acupuncturist. Perry has been practicing Acupuncture since 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona where he owns and operates Blue Serenity Acupuncture, a private acupuncture clinic since 2011. He recently moved to Lynnwood, WA where he will be setting up a physical clinic soon. Currently he treats patients via Telehealth both in Arizona and Washington. He treats general and complex medical conditions with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He was one of the highest rated Acupuncturists in the Phoenix Metropolitan area by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. When he is not seeing patients, he is constantly reviewing research and learning new methods of treating. In his free time, he is avidly working out at the gym and enjoys wood working and home projects.

Dr. Perry Cooper

Board Member

Dr. Xia Che began her traditional Chinese medical career in 1994 in China. Due to a poor childhood health condition, she was fortunate to become a direct student as well as apprentice of great elder traditional grandmaster doctors specializing in medical I-Ching and Taiji medical fitness. Her study and learning from them has been combined with her scholastic knowledge. Her formal medical science study gives her an in-depth practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During the pandemic, to help patients, protect their hard earned money and use it to best serve them to achieve their health goal, she has added a valuable financial care professional license in life and health. Her passion is to apply her learning and wisdom in contributing her comprehensive knowledge to restore the health and wellbeing of her patients. Health is wealth!

Dr. Xia Che

Board Member

Our Philosophy

WAEMA honors and respects all forms of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. We believe that working together cohesively; we can achieve our goal of preserving and promote the traditional and modern practice of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. By engaging in legislation, our voice will continue to be heard and our profession will continue to be protected and more people will be able to enhance the quality of their lives through safe, effective, evidence based acupuncture medicine.

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Our committees do the crucial work in a variety of areas that keep WAEMA well informed and moving forward. We are always looking for member volunteers to join and contribute to the dynamic and exciting committees that have a key role in supporting and advancing our profession.

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WAEMA Past Presidents 

Charis Wolf 2019 – 2020
Dr. JianFeng Yang 2018 – 2019
Curt Eschels 2018 – 2018
Ash Goodard 2016 – 2017
Andy McIntyre 2015 – 2016
Curt Eschels 2011 – 2015
Lisa Van Haagen 2010 – 2011
George Whiteside 2005 – 2010
Jeff Spring 2005
Mercy Yule 2004 – 2005
Eliahu Stahl 2004
Monica Legatt 2003 – 2004
John Frostad 2000 – 2003
Christopher Huson 1997 – 2000
Patricia Flood 1996 – 1997
Lori King 1994 – 1996
Karen Boyd 1990 – 1994
Mark Imlay 1987 – 1990
Jim Blair 1985 – 1987
David Kailin 1983 – 1985
Richard Kitaeff
1978 – 1983