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Membership Levels

WAEMA offers a variety of different membership options for every stage of your career. Whether you’re still in school, just getting started, or a seasoned professional we’re here every step of the way to provide you with the support you need.

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1st Year Professional Memberships

We congratulate you on your 1st year in practice! WAEMA is pleased to offer a half-price membership to all newly licensed acupuncturists for the first year in practice. This membership level expires after one year.


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Professional Memberships

A Professional member must be an acupuncturist licensed to practice Acupuncture in the State of Washington under the Acupuncture Practice Act.  Professional Members possess full rights and privileges as voting members of the association. This membership level automatically renews yearly unless cancelled.


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Student Memberships

A Student Member is actively studying acupuncture in an ACAOM-accredited school. This membership lasts for 2 years and can be renewed once. This membership level renews automatically after the first year, and expires after the second year.


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Patrons of Acupuncture

Patrons of Acupuncture are associate members who wish to contribute at a more generous level. These individuals are not actively engaged in the study or practice of acupuncture but support the aims of this Association and makes a substantial contribution to advance the goals of the WAEMA. This membership level automatically renews yearly unless cancelled.


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Why Join?

WAEMA member benefits: each membership is valued over $500!

Be Represented: WAEMA provides continual advocacy for professional privileges and rights. (70% of member dues directly pay for lobbying & legislation fees, the rests goes directly to administration & technology fees.)

Invest in Your Professional Advantage:  WAEMA’s professional development opportunities give professionals ways to connect, learn, and advance their careers.

  • 16 FREE Live Webinar CE hours annually through HealthCMi  ($300 value)
  • Membership Meeting with Continuing Education Hours at Member Price.

Receive Membership Dividends:  As a WAEMA member, you receive access to and are able to enjoy discounts on a variety of services.

  • 5% Off Unified Practice EHR
  • 50% Off Balanced Health HER
  • 20% Off All Earthlite Products
  • 10% Discount at Red Wing Books

Keep Up-To-Date with Industry Opportunities, Trends, and  Developments: Receive regular updates and current news from the WAEMA Office.

Build Consumer Awareness of and Confidence in Your Practice:  Belonging to a professional association provides greater consumer confidence.  WAEMA membership includes membership in the American Society of Acupuncture (ASA).

  • 10% Discount on Malpractice Insurance with CM&F
  • Group Rate Insurance Coverage for Life, Disability, Business Expense, and Dental Insurance
  • National Updates
  • Job Posting through ASA
  • Discount to the Annual ASA Meeting

Receive Exclusive and Easy Access to WAEMA's Website Members' Only Portal:

  • Access CE Certificates
  • Access and Listing in Practitioner Directory
  • Access to Documents, Reports, and Speaker Presentations from Past and Present Meetings